Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jet Lag Disturbs Sleeping Pattern

Those who have been travelling overseas regularly may have experienced jet lag and it is not an issue to them.The degree of jet lag varies from person to person. It can be a great disturbance to some travellers especially when it involves different time zones. Many having difficulties in adjusting their sleep time with the local time. When I had my first long flight between Kuala Lumpur and London, I did not have much problem adjusting to the new time zone but on my return to Kuala Lumpur, I had terrible time adjusting my sleeping pattern.

In the plane I can stay awake the whole night and journey but I tend to be very sleepy during the first day. The effect may not be so obvious in the country of destination. It really disturbs me when I come back to my place of origin. It disturbs my sleeping and waking up times.Over the years when I became frequent traveller, I can sort of manage my sleeping time, meeting time without much problem. 

Jet lag happens anytime when we cross two or more time zones. The more time zones we cross the more and higher jet lag probability we are going to experience. Though it is a temporary sleep disturbance, it may extend to a couple of days or several days to some people.
Jet lag affects travelling from the West to the East

Our body has a biological clock. This clock becomes disorganised when we cross several time zones. The body biological clock cannot synchronise with the real time at the local location. So the body tries to readjust and reorientate the clock with the local time. So in the process we get this disturbance which we called jet lag.

This boy too has jet lag!
 Some of the effects of jet lag include fatigue, sleepy during day time, lack of focus, headache, difficulty going to bed at night. When I first had my jet lag ,I could not help myself but took extra hours of sleep. Jet lag has no bearing on the length of time travel but the distance travelled across the meridian.Jet lag is more acute when we lost time ,that is, when we travel from location in the West to the East. Some studies indicate that lack of travel experience, altitude , drinking not enough water, lack of sleep during flying may cause you to experience the jet lag.

How can we get rid of jet lag? Basically we need to get enough sleep before travel and get some sleep during the travel . The least you could do is to get proper rest physically and mentally before the start of the journey. This is important especially if travel on economy class. Avoid listening too much to your inner self after a journey because it will ask you to take a nap. Instead spend some time out in the cold or in the sun as it will help to get rid of the sleepiness and the jet lag.

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